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National Cold Brew Day - The Story Behind our BOLT Nitro Cold Brew

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National Cold Brew Day - The Story Behind our BOLT Nitro Cold Brew

BOLT Cold Brew, which can be found in our cafes, Publix stores from Lakeland to Naples and Whole Foods Market locations statewide, was a result of a universal passion for quality and identity. From sourcing amazing coffee around the world to developing the perfect roast profiles our customers crave, we worked to create an amazing ready-to-drink coffee beverage that embodies the rich and colorful story behind the origin of BOLT Cold Brew

In order to understand our bold and confident cold brew, we need to take a trip to the birthplace of one of the coffees in our BOLT Nitro Cold Brew: the organic Sumatra coffee bean.

Deep in the fertile soils of the Bener Meriah province in Aceh Sumatra, Indonesia grows a world-class green coffee from the Adsenia varietal. It is one of the oldest coffee varietals in Aceh and is highly sought-after for its round flavors of grapefruit, florals and cocoa.

Coffee grown by the Ketiara Cooperative

Coffee isn’t the only prized resource in the region. Aceh is also rich in a variety of other minerals like oil and natural gas, which has led political and multi-national groups to fight for control of the land and drive the region into civil war and poverty.

Today, despite the unrest in the region, the Aceh coffee-growing legacy thrives with the help of women producers who lost their husbands in the war. Although they work in a male-dominated culture and industry, these widows continue to persevere and provide for their families with the help of a local cooperative called Ketiara.

Women of the Ketiara Cooperative

Established in 2009, Ketiara’s mission is to bring awareness to the individual farmers’ work and to secure proper compensation for the crops they grow. With the help of its founder, Ibu Rahmah, Ketiara has empowered many widows and their families with opportunities to rebuild their lives and cultivate brighter futures.

As part of our Brew Good. Do Good. mission, we work hard to thoughtfully source coffees and develop relationships with our harvesters. For this reason, we pay the hard-working producers, like the women of Ketiara, a premium for the coffee they cultivate, and in return, we get a high-quality, delicious bean to serve our customers.

We are proud of what BOLT Cold Brew represents and of the awareness it brings to the Ketiara cooperative of Sumatra. We can think of no better way to celebrate National Cold Brew Day than by appreciating the hands that make ours.

Our Bolt Cold Brew (Original & Nitro) is 100% Organic and made with only two ingredients. From crop to roaster to can, BOLT Nitro Cold Brew is a healthy alternative to an energy drink and is brewed roasted to perfection.


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