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Austin has had quite the amazing trip already! Thank you all for your continuing support of this amazing journey. This adventure will be filled with ups and downs. Austin crossed over the North Carolina boarder and is trucking through the trail at a great pace.    Austin has had the pleasure of meeting some great people on the trail. He actually had a line going to try some of his amazing Aeropress coffee! We are so happy to help Austin share these amazing experiences with the friends he is making along the way.   Weather has been the biggest challenge...

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Austin has hit the trail! We are so excited and proud to be a part of this trip with Austin. Coffee is a communal drink. It's something you meet a friend over or offer to a guest. It's a social drink and that's one of the biggest connections coffee has with this adventure. Community. The Appalachian Trail is a community of its own with people from all around the country and the world coming together in one place with one commonality. The passion for adventure. They come from all different walks of life and have chosen this trail for one...

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