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Austin Hikes - Part 1 - The adventure begins!

Austin Hikes - Part 1 - The adventure begins!

Austin has hit the trail! We are so excited and proud to be a part of this trip with Austin. Coffee is a communal drink. It's something you meet a friend over or offer to a guest. It's a social drink and that's one of the biggest connections coffee has with this adventure. Community. The Appalachian Trail is a community of its own with people from all around the country and the world coming together in one place with one commonality. The passion for adventure. They come from all different walks of life and have chosen this trail for one reason or another, but they are a community of like minded people sharing this experience of a life time.

Not only is coffee a communal and social beverage, but it can also be the exact opposite. It is also a drink of solitude. It is a drink to share with yourself. To be enjoyed on a rainy day, reading a book, meditating, or just thinking about all things in life. It is a chance to take a break from your day and really ponder what needs to be pondered. What better drink could go hand-in-hand with the challenge that is the Appalachian Trail. Austin will meet hundreds of people along the way, but this trip is a personal challenge that he will face mainly in solitude. We are happy to provide him with a warm, cozy beverage for him to enjoy while he thinks about life, travel, and the beautiful setting that surrounds him. It's a little slice of home for Austin to share!

Here are some words from Austin himself:

"Where to begin! I got on Trail Sunday the 12th, starting at the Amicalola Falls Approach Trail, which leads 8 miles to Springer Mountain, the official start of the Appalachian Trail.
Myself and a friend set out and explored a winter wonderland, floating through a tranquil, still forest covered in fresh snow. As Florida natives, this has been quite a surreal experience.
We actually had to get off trail tonight, Tuesday, March 13th, due to a blizzard rolling in with sub zero temperatures. On the bright side, we met a new pal named Caleb, AKA Weatherman, who bunked with us tonight. He's a California native who's hiking to Maryland on the AT before going sailing for a month to Pensacola.
So far we've traveled 25.7 miles, and the experience is everything I dreamed of. Communion with nature, gorgeous views, and new friends at every turn. From Ol' Brittle, a 71 year old Indiana native hiking with her great nephew, to Daniel, a half blind, guitar toting ruffian who is searching for life lessons. Everyone we meet is a character, and they always bring a new perspective on to the trail with them.
Thursday we head back to the Trail, hoping to strike north to Neel Gap where my friend and I will part ways and I'll continue my journey to Maine!
Happy Trails everybody!"
Be sure to check out his GoFundMe for information on how you can help Austin continue to hike the Appalachian Trail in its entirety and follow Austin @austinshike on Instagram. Follow Buddy Brew on Instagram @buddybrewcoffee


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  • Christy Cunningham

    Keep it up Austin… you can do it!
    Can’t wait to hear more and what your trail name is.

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