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Austin Hikes - Part 2 - Franklin, NC

Austin Hikes - Part 2 - Franklin, NC

Austin has had quite the amazing trip already! Thank you all for your continuing support of this amazing journey. This adventure will be filled with ups and downs. Austin crossed over the North Carolina boarder and is trucking through the trail at a great pace. 


Austin has had the pleasure of meeting some great people on the trail. He actually had a line going to try some of his amazing Aeropress coffee! We are so happy to help Austin share these amazing experiences with the friends he is making along the way.


Weather has been the biggest challenge for him so far. He has dealt with black ice on mountains, freezing cold weather and 40 mph winds in the middle of the night! His tent tarp was actually pulled right out of the ground during the night, leaving him absolutely soaked. In his words exactly "this is scarier than any bear". He is staying in great spirits though! Help him stay warm and covered by donating to his GoFundMe here.

Here is Austin himself:

"Hello everybody!

I'm currently brewing up a cup of coffee in the Top of Georgia hostel near Hiawassee Ga. We're trying to get a lift back on to the trail around 8 this morning so we can crank out a 12.5 mile day. The weather finally cleared up, as it's supposed to be sunny the next couple days and a balmy 50 degrees outside. 

Along with weather clearing up, I've come to notice a community on Trail like nothing I've ever seen. It's a rag tag crew of people from all walks of life, each with the same goal and willing to do anything to help each other out. I saw a middle aged, ex CIO offer to loan his leg brace to someone who's name he doesn't even know with no way of getting it back. People buy the less fortunate bunks at hostels. Nothing goes to waste, anything extra is traded or given away like an elementary school lunch table. There's never a sour face on the trail.

I'd heard the community out here was fantastic, but words can't describe the sense of camaraderie that comes from sharing a cup of coffee and some pop tarts around a roaring campfire. Utter bliss.

Happy Trails everybody!"


Austin has gone to some great cafes as well! A big thanks to Rathskeller Coffee and Main Street Coffee and Yogurt in Franklin, NC for hosting Austin!

Remember, you can donate to his GoFundMe here or follow his Instagram @austinshike. To learn more about our wholesale coffee program submit a request here!

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  • Christy Cunningham

    Keep it up Austin…
    What’s the latest hike news In April for you?

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