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At the suggestion from many of our loyal Brew Crew we have developed a subscription ordering system, Perpetual Brew. Now you can order your Buddy Brew Coffee once and it will be delivered to your door as frequently as you need it without the hassle of reordering AND you will be charged the same way!! Just select your frequency (weekly, biweekly, triweekly, or monthly), your bean, and grind preference and you are set to receive Buddy Brew Coffee for as long as you like with zero hassles. Enjoy!

The beauty with our coffee subscription is that you no longer even have to think about buying coffee! You can receive fresh roasted coffee (not an easy thing to find at most grocery stores) directly to your door. The subscriptions are also easy to customize and change. You can receive a range of our coffees from South America, Africa, and Indonesia! These also work great for offices! You can get a coffee subscription delivered right to your office (whole bean or ground) and you'll be able to show off these amazing coffees to all of your coworkers!

All of our coffees are rotational. This means the exact farm your coffee comes from is subject to change, but your origin will not. Here is some information on each coffee:

Double Dog: This is our go-to espresso, but also makes a wonderful brewed coffee. A really well balanced and fruity cup.

Cubano Espresso: This coffee is a special collaboration we did with THE Cigar City Brewers. This is our take on a cuban espresso. Look for a big bodied, earthy, chocolatey coffee.

Indonesia: Typically our Sumatra coffee, but on occasion we rotate coffees in from Bali, Sulawesi and more! Our "dark" roast coffee. Not truly dark in most eyes, this coffee brings out amazingly big body. This is a fan favorite and a staple here at Buddy Brew. A very complex and enjoyable cup!

Colombia: Colombian coffees are a staple here at Buddy Brew. We have an incredible direct trade relationship with a phenomenal importer. This is a mild cup, known for natural sweetness, balance and underlying notes of fruit.

Ethiopia: The origin of coffee starts here. Look for these coffees to be fruitier and more complex.

Brazil: This is a great cup for everyone to enjoy. Typical coffee notes, like chocolate and nuts.

Central America: This is one of our favorite origins to find coffee. These are some of the sweetest cups of coffee you will find. These cups have a bigger body with notes of caramel, nougat, and brown sugar. Look here to try some of our most popular coffee such as, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, and many more!

Seasonal Staple: These are some of the most fun coffees here at Buddy Brew. We created these coffees to be a combination of things. These are always our bestsellers. 

Roaster's Choice: Let our roasters pick your coffee! We constantly have between 10 - 12 and sometimes even more different coffees. This is a constant rotation of new coffees. We send out a new coffee every week! Until, of course, we start from the beginning again!

To find out what coffee you will get for our origin selections, please check out our current offerings on our shop page! 

In the rare event we do not have a specific coffee region we will send you a coffee that best matches the flavor profile that we identify with that origin!

Looking for some help on brewing coffee? You can check out our How to Brew page to learn our recipes for all of your favorite methods to brew! If you don't feel like reading you can also watch our video tutorials on how to brew! We want to spread our knowledge to the whole world, so share it with a friend!

All coffees are roasted, packaged, and shipped in 12oz bags within 1 business day of placing your order. Our roasting facility operates and ships packages Monday - Friday.

Perpetual Brew - Subscription Coffee
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