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Buddy Brew Coffee Black Lab Whole Bean

Our first ever "dark" roasted coffee. This isn't your typical dark roast. This coffee is rich and smooth with notes of spice and cashew. Most dark coffees work off of the "smoky" profile that dark roasted coffee produces. If you like dark coffee then this coffee is for you!

5 Pound Bags now available!

These are a great deal and perfect for the avid coffee drinker. All 5 pound coffee bags automatically qualify for free shipping! Not only will you save on the shipping, but you will also get more bang for your buck. Buying coffee in a 5 pound will save you 25% off regular retail. Great for parties, the office, or when you drink a lot of coffee. 

In the cup: Cashew, Spice, Clean Finish

All coffees are roasted, packaged, and shipped in 12oz bags within 1 business day of placing your order. Our roasting facility operates and ships packages Monday - Friday.

Black Lab Roast
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