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Buddy Brew Coffee Doubledog Espresso Whole Bean

We take espresso very seriously we roasted, formulated, cupped and tweaked for years to create what we think is espresso heaven, Double Dog Espresso! This is a perfect blend of coffees from around the world each roasted to sweet delicious perfection then combined in exact proportions to bring out the best of each of the component beans making Double Dog Espresso something truly special in its entirety! This coffee is great for espresso and automatic drip machines. Here's what one of our customers had to say:

Made my first cup of Double Dog Espresso this morning. Revelatory flavors resounded a soul awakening festival that presented palatial pleasantries to my palate. I sense my Zazenhaus will be back in full grind in the morrow?

Craig Dean,Sommelier, Wine Exchange

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In the cup:
A sweet fruitiness at the start with a hint of boldness accompanied by nutty creaminess on the tongue finishing with hints of dark chocolate and berries.

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Double Dog Espresso
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