12 oz. Nitro Snifter Glass

We LOVE nitro coffee here at Buddy Brew. For those who don't know, nitro charged coffee is a way of serving cold brew coffee. The coffee is charged with nitro and served through a nitro tap. This creates cascading bubbles throughout the drink, similar to a Guinness Beer. These gases created a smooth and creamy body for the cold brew. They also give a unique hint of sweetness that you can only find in food product charged with nitrogen. It is quite the experience and we recommend it to everyone!

A snifter glass is a glass that is curved inward at the top. The reason this is done is to focus the aromatic so that you smell the product just as much as taste it! They also look really cool! This glass is perfect for coffee, beer, or any other beverage you'd like to put in it!

12 oz. Nitro Snifter Glass

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