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Buddy Brew Coffee Burundi Whole Bean

Long Miles Coffee Project

We have been working with Long Mile Coffee Project since 2015. We hung out with these amazing people again this year at the Specialty Coffee Association expo this past April and knew right away that this amazing lot of coffee had to be ours. Not only was it one of the best coffees we tasted at the expo, but the story behind it is just as amazing. 

Long Miles said it best “Burundi coffee is the Cinderella of the coffee world: hidden, misused, misunderstood, and neglected. Since the Belgian first started planting coffee in Burundi in the 1960’s, producers have used the landlocked African country only to produce commodity grade coffee.” The amazing coffees from this area have been lost to poor production and defective coffee. The Long Miles Project has been enhancing the quality of coffee, reducing defects and creating a higher yield which all trickles directly back into the hands of the farmers!
    Origin Burundi
    Region Kayanza Province, Matongo Commune, Gishubi Hill
    Farm Local Co-op
    Variety Heirloom, Bourbon
    Altitude 1,960 masl
    Proc. Method Fully Washed


    In The Cup: Darjeeling, Fresh Apricot Cream

    Burundi - Kayanza - Gishubi Hill
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