Cascara Tea - 75 grams

Cascara Tea from Colombia!

Cascara is a tea-like drink with a fine, fruity flavor and plenty of caffeine. Coffee is a fruit, though most people don't think of it that way. Like cacao, it's processed opposite most fruits: The skin and flesh are discarded, and just the seeds are dried, roasted, and ground to make a cup of coffee. The Cascara tea you are looking at is the "cherry" of the coffee bean. This Cascara comes from our farmers in Colombia and has notes of honey and golden raisins. This drink is full of caffeine and is absolutely delicious! Drink hot or over ice for a delicious twist on coffee!

This Colombian cascara is selected from fully ripe red bourbon cherries. The cherries are depulped, separated and dried on raised African beds. The end result is the dried cherry skin which is used to create a sweet and delicate cascara tea. This cascara is from 100% Bourbon coffee cherries.

This bag is 75 grams and will brew about 15 cups of strong tea! Brew 5 grams for 3 minutes and enjoy. For iced brew 5 grams with half the water for 3 minutes, pour over ice, shake until ice dissolves, and serve over ice for the most refreshing and exhilarating tea around!

In The Cup: Honey, Golden Raisin, Florals

Cascara Tea - 75 grams

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