Colombia, Nariño - Cristobal Popayan

Cristobal Popayan is part of the FUDAM association in La Union, Nariño. His farm currently has 2.5 hectares under production and he has about 8000 trees. Cristobal incorporates a 16 hour fermentation process in his wet mill. He uses parabolic beds for drying. Cristobal, along with other members of FUDAM, provide high quality micro lots and continue to incorporate new ideas in coffee processing in order to provide a unique, complex cup.

Origin Colombia
Region La Union, Nariño
Farm Cristobal Popayan
Variety Caturra and Castillo
Altitude 1800 m
Proc. Method  Washed Process, Sun Dried in Parabolic Beds


In the cup: Black Cherry, Sweet Tobacco, Lime

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Colombia, Nariño - Cristobal Popayan

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