Costa Rica - Tarbaca, Tarrazu

Tarrazu accounts for nearly 35% of the total coffee production in Costa Rica. The altitudes of 1000–1800m produce some of the most nuanced coffee profiles in Costa Rica. Tarrazu has been home to some of the most impressive advancements in coffee processing in the country, and the result is extremely clean coffees. Tarrazu is able to produce extremely high qualities of larger lots of coffee in addition to microlots.

Finca “El Alto” is owned and operated by the Monge Falas family, headed by Don Carlos Alberto Garbanzo. The farm has been handed down through 3 generations starting with Carlos’ grandfather. Finca “El Alto” was given its name by Carlos’ wife, Rose Mary, because of the height of the mountains that surround them. The farm was first used for cultivating corn and beans with one dedicated area for raising livestock. Once Don Carlos took over the duties of the farm, he replaced the crops with coffee plants which he has been maintaining for over 25 years. Don Carlos hopes the love and care he puts into his farm enables his coffee production to showcase its unique and complex cup profile.


Origin Costa Rica
Region Tarrazu
Farm El Alto
Variety Catuai, Caturra, 
Altitude 1800 masl
Proc. Method Fully Washed


In the cup: Fresh Plum and Toasted Hazelnut

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Costa Rica - Tarbaca, Tarrazu

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