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Cubano Espresso is blend project utilizing the skills and palates from 2 different yet similar worlds, craft beer and specialty craft coffee roasting. This has been a truly collaborative effort from the beginning. Its a story of a brew master and a roast master coming together to create something truly magnificent for each of their respective companies. Here's the story:

We are lucky to have a great relationship with one of Tampa's great success story, Cigar City Brewing. They have a HUGE passion for beer equivalent to our gianormous passion for coffee. For years we have been noodling how we could come together in a more significant way. Cigar City's Cubano-sytle Brown Ale was the opportunity. As they began to ramp up for the US Open International Beer Festival competition they realized they didn't have enough coffee for one of their entries. Their Brew Master, Wayne, needed espresso yesterday. Our Roast Master, Phil, knew the coffee they had been using and within an hour had a prototype coffee for Wayne to taste. It wasn't perfect (from our coffee-perspective) but it satisfied Cigar City's crunch time need.

Well guess what, Cigar City's Cubano-sytle Brown Ale WON a GOLD medal at the US Open International Beer Festival!!!!

Cigar City Cubano Espresso Coffee

And so our Cubano Espresso was born. A birth is just a beginning. Working along side Wayne we have continued to refine our version of the traditional Cuban espresso Tampa is famous for. Cigar City's Cuban-style Brown Ale has officially gone into production featuring Buddy Brew Coffee's Cubano Espresso and we are proudly named on their brand new can.

We are so excited to be finally announcing the launch Cubano Espresso. It's our modern version of old school Tampa Cuban Espresso. It is available online, in our stores both in the bag and served in new exciting traditional beverages like Cafe Con Leche and a stand-alone espresso. It is a must try. We believe you are going to love it!

In the cup: Modern Cuban espresso, nutty, dark spice

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Cubano Espresso
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