Ethiopia - Yirgacheffe, Kochere

Kochere is southwest of the town of Yirgacheffe and near a little village of Ch'elelek'tu in the Gedeo zone. One of the great things about Ethiopian coffees is the complete mix of varietals. It is estimated that somewhere between six thousand and ten thousand varieties exist naturally in these highlands, the origin of coffee - The cross pollination of genetics is totally amazing.

Located in the south of Ethiopia, the Sidama region offers great-quality coffee. Sidama’s coffees have lemon-citric tones with bright acidity. “Ethiopia Sidama” is a type of Arabica coffee grown in the Sidama Province of Ethiopia. Sidama coffee includes Yirgacheffe Coffee and Guji Coffee.

  • Yirgacheffe: Located in central southern Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe is a small area within the Sidama region which is famous for its coffee quality.
Origin Ethiopia
Region Yirghacheffe, Kochere
Farm Local Co-op
Variety Local Varieties
Altitude 1,790 - 1,900 masl
Proc. Method Fully Washed


In The Cup: Rhubarb, Jasmine, Light Caramels

Ethiopia - Yirgacheffe, Kochere

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