Honduras Chocolate Bar - 70% Cacao

70% cacao for an intense chocolate flavor with a sweet finish. Made with organically grown cacao and pure cane sugar, no preservatives or additives. 2.7 oz bar.

Many claim to have single-origin beans, fair trade agreements and organically-grown beans but Honduras Chocolate Company takes it a step further:  they have invested in the farmers, the cacao and the Honduran community in which they live and work. 

After 15 years of helping the rural poor, they had a vision to expand their reach and impact. By developing deep, personal relationships with local farmers, paying better-than-fair-trade prices and providing farmers with essential business training, micro-loans and access to farming resources, Honduras Chocolate Company has brought large-scale social impact and positive change to the troubled Honduran cacao industry.

Honduras Chocolate Bar - 70% Cacao

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