Old Florida Roast

We are so excited to introduce our newest seasonal coffee, our Old Florida Roast. We worked tirelessly on this coffee to create an amazing taste of Florida. We took the the amazing citrus flavors of a Colombian coffee and found the perfect compliment in an amazingly sweet and balanced Brazilian coffee. By tinkering with the ratio and really understanding these beans we created an amazing taste of Florida! You might think it's a little goofy to say our coffee tastes like sunshine, but that's how it makes us feel! Taste is so much more than just taste. It is an experience. We want to give you an experience when you drink this coffee. It has a light body and notes of citrus and sugarcane. We have created the perfect coffee for any weather, whether it be cold, hot, dry, or rainy, where you can just close your eyes, relax and imagine that your somewhere on a beach, watching the sunrise (or set, since we have both here in Florida!), feeling the sea-breeze, taking in the fresh air, and really finding a place of enjoyment and bliss. All from a cup of coffee! We might sound crazy, but we take our coffee seriously!

When people think Old Florida, they think the Old Florida charm and culture. It's the hospitable way of life that the South has always represented mixed with the laid back, beach-loving lifestyle that Florida brings to the table. It is a very unique culture and there is none like it anywhere else in the world. We are proud to have created this blend to represent our home state. The tasting notes say it all! More than that though we want this coffee to represent a way of life that still exists in Florida very much to this day. Most people think swamps, tourism and Kennedy Space Station when they think of Florida, but there is so much more to it than that. We live in a place that people come to vacation! That alone is amazing. Whether your looking for amazing home cooked food, beautiful sunbathed beaches, undefined and complex culture, or just some amazing coffee then Florida is the place to be! We hope that this cup of coffee fulfills all of these things for you.

In the cup: Fresh Citrus, Sugarcane, and Sunshine

Old Florida Roast

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