Osaka Reusable On-Cup Filter - Silver
  • A great alternative to disposable paper filters, that rob your coffee of essential oils, and flavors.
  • Fits on most cups, mugs, and thermoses. Use it directly on your cup or for a coffee to go.
  • Laser-cut 18/18 stainless steel filter, that you can use over and over again. Durable and washable.
  • Enjoy a clear flavorful coffee, double filter will not allow grinds in your coffee.
  • Create a delicious coffee like a pro, with our detailed instructions and tips.

Made from 18/18 Stainless Steel it is highly durable, and can withstand high heats. It does not absorb any essential oils like a paper filter does, and results in a richer better tasting coffee.
The double filter consists of tiny laser-cut holes and a stainless steel mesh on top. The Osaka cone results in clearer coffee than any of the leading brands.
Specially designed stand that will fit on most cups and even small pots and carafes.
The cone can produce up to 12 (5 oz) cups of coffee.

The cone is also dishwasher safe.

Osaka Reusable On-Cup Filter - Silver

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