Pinellas Chocolate - Venezuela

We are so excited to bring the amazing chocolate bar to you all! The team over at Pinellas Chocolate is doing some amazing stuff. These compliment our coffees perfectly! Look for more projects and new stuff coming from Pinellas Chocolate and Buddy Brew in the near future!

Pinellas Chocolate bars are a “Bean to Bar” product, made in Pinellas County, FL. They begin with cocoa beans and end with delicious dark chocolate. This process involves roasting the beans, separating the cocoa nib from the outer husk, and then proceeding to grinding, refining and sifting the chocolate before molding. You can learn more about how chocolate is made on the “Process” page of Pinellas Chocolate.



A 2.2 oz (62.4g) dark chocolate bar made with high quality Venezuelan cacao from varying regions and plantations

Pinellas Chocolate - Venezuela

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