Sumatra, Adsenia - Organic

A small group of members from the Ketiara Cooperative live in the Bener Meriah highlands area that produces coffee from the Adsenia varietal, one of the oldest coffee varietals in Aceh.  Each member farms an average of 1.3 hectares (at 1,500 meters). The yield per hectare is approximately 1 metric ton of exportable green coffee or 17 (60 kilo) bags. Many of the growers also produce orange, chili, avocado, banana, ginger, lemongrass, and honey. All the members who produce the Adsenia variety deliver their cherry to the Ketiara Cooperative for wet-hulling, dry milling and preparation for final export. It is the desire of the farmers in the Adsenia villages to continue producing this unique variety so that they can support the many widows and children and provide for their future.

Origin Sumatra
Region Mandheling
Farm Multiple Farms
Variety Adsenia
Altitude 1,300 - 1,600 masl
Proc. Method Wet Hulled


In The Cup: One of the world’s most full bodied coffees. High grown Indonesian coffee, very rich with low acidity. Imparts such flavors as vanilla or chocolate, like some red wines.

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Sumatra, Adsenia - Organic

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